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Water is key for good health

Hydration is the process of causing something to absorb water. In the most common case, it is the process of making sure the human body has the adequate hydration to function properly. This is done by giving your body fluids such as water, coffee, tea, milk, fruits, vegetables, and oral hydration solutions. However, ensuring your body has enough water each day is most crucial to hydration because your body depends on it. It helps with regulating your body temperature, removing waste, lubricating your joints, giving nutrients to your body and cells, preventing infections and keeping your organs functioning properly.

Water is vital to having good health. Without proper hydration, you can become dehydrated which can cause your body to shut down because you are not getting the energy you need. When you do drink water or give your body the fluids it needs you replenish it allowing it to operate like it’s supposed to. There are many times when not being properly hydrated can cause you to faint or pass out. That’s how important it is to make sure you are hydrated. Water should be consumed every day.

More water, less caffeine

Historically, drinking six to eight glasses of water each day was recommended. Everyone’s body doesn’t operate the same though which may mean six to eight glasses may be enough for you and not someone else or vice versa. Many experts are now recommending you drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water. No matter which recommendation you follow, what’s important is drinking more water. When it comes to fluids other than water like caffeinated drinks for an example, it’s recommended to limit your intake for many reasons. Caffeine can potentially make you use the bathroom more frequently and can even cause you to have feelings of anxiety.

Hydrate when working out

For athletes or people that exercise and workout regularly, it is important to make sure you stay hydrated. Sports drinks can also be a good way for you to stay hydrated. Carbohydrates and electrolytes are found in majority of these drinks which can boost your energy and help your body absorb water in return keeping you hydrated. Sweating causes your body to lose water so it’s very important to stay hydrated while you’re working out. Ideally, you’ll want to drink water or have a sports drink before, during and after you workout to make sure your hydration levels are staying high.

Eat more fruits and veggies

If water isn’t your first choice to maintain hydration, fruits and vegetables also contain water. Fruits and vegetables are tasty which can make it easier for someone who may not like water to stay properly hydrated. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, give your water a flavor boost with fruits and veggies. Lemons are commonly added to water, but there are many other options you can try. Strawberries and blueberries will add a little sweetness to your water. Veggies may not immediately come to mind when you think about adding to your water, but cucumber slices in a glass of ice cold water can be very refreshing.

Make a hydration plan

Drinking water daily and ensuring you are consuming enough may not be easy, especially if you work a full-time job, go to school full-time or must take care of many things throughout each day. In these cases, a plan can be key to your success. You can set a water intake goal and set a timeframe to meet your goal. Set alarms on your phone to remind you to drink a cup of water. Nowadays, you can even purchase water bottles that are labeled to show you how much water you should drink each day and at what times. There are also phone apps that will send you reminders to drink water.

Proper hydration has so many benefits so keep these tips in mind as you work to increase your water intake. With the proper hydration your sleep quality will improve (just don’t drink too close to bedtime). You may also notice improved cognition and a more pleasant mood. Water is key to a healthy lifestyle, so drink up!     

Let me know in the comments: What is your favorite hack for drinking more water?

LaTonya Williams

LaTonya Williams

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