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to your new favorite self-care subscription box.

Renew Box, a seasonal subscription of wellness products and activity recommendations + online community to help you integrate holistic self-care into the fabric of your life, is just a couple of weeks away from launching.

***Pilot launch is now closed. Thanks for your support and please stay tuned for the full launch!


Your Renew Box will be a surprise and contain 5-8 self care products + 2 free gifts. 

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Be one of the first to receive the brand new Renew Box by participating in our pilot launch! Your feedback will help us determine if we should make changes to Renew Box before the full launch.

How to Participate:

Step 1: Purchase the Limited Edition Spring 2020 Renew Box at a deeply discounted rate. 

Step 2: Receive the Spring 2020 Renew Box packed with self care products.

Step 3: Tell me what you loved about Renew Box and where we missed the mark. 

Share Feedback and Earn Products:

Give your feedback in multiple ways to earn more products.



Complete the online survey

? Free Herbal Tea


Join me for a brief phone call

? Free Coffee Mug


Share photos on social media

? Free Bath Salts


Leave a review on Facebook

? Free Face Serum

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Spring 2020 Renew Box: Blooming, Growing, Becoming…

Quantity is limited so complete your purchase today!

renew box subscriptions

Your Renew Box will be a surprise and contain 5-8 self care products + 2 free gifts.

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Blooming, Growing, Becoming…

Though we are already into the dog days of summer, for the pilot launch we are focusing on Spring 2020. The Limited Edition 2020 Spring Renew Box theme is Blooming, Growing, Becoming.

Spring is a time of growth and renewal. What better way to usher in spring than to renew your self-care needs. Your Renew Box will be a surprise but it will contain 5-8 full size self-care products + 2 free gifts. Be prepared to enjoy at least 1 self-care goodie for each of the Renew Box self-care pillars: Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social.

Get ready to fill your cup…

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