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Black Wellness Experts You Want to Know

As a notable way to honor the significant role of our country’s Black/African American population and to show recognition for their contributions and achievements, February was declared Black History Month. There are many African Americans throughout U.S. history that did things that have made a huge difference in the world, and there are still many today that continue to make a difference. A lot of these people have sacrificed a lot in the process.

Black History Month is dedicated to all of these individuals, but more specifically, I want to highlight some of our Black wellness experts. The contributions that have been made by these individuals have helped many, including people of different ethnicities and cultures. The Black wellness experts we’re highlighting focus on self-care practices including therapy, nutrition, fitness, and yoga/meditation. 

Experts in Therapy

Therapy is the act of treating someone who may have mental or physical health issues, but it is done without the use of pharmaceuticals. Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, an African American woman, is the founder and CEO of Therapy for Black Girls. She provides mental health resources and assists with finding therapists for black girls in need. She also hosts a podcast where she gives insight and advice on different topics. 

Another Black wellness expert that focuses on therapy is Dr. Riana Elyse Anderson. She’s a licensed clinical psychologist who understands mental health and the heavy turmoil that can be caused by certain things. Her proven experience and education allows her to help others overcome mental health issues and illnesses. 

This brings me to Dr. Melissa Robinson-Brown who is also a licensed clinical psychologist. She uses her knowledge in therapy to help empower women and aid them in overcoming mental health struggles. Her goal is to do what she can to assist women with achieving their goals and leveling up.

Nutritional Experts

Next, I’ll get into some of our Black wellness experts that focus on nutrition. Dr. Kera Nyemb-Diop is an African American female nutritionist that works with other black women who struggle with eating healthy and the emotional toll that can take on them. She aims to try to help black women build a positive relationship with food and be able to enjoy it freely without feeling guilty for not eating healthy. 

Marisa Moore, MBA, RDN is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who develops recipes and helps with developing healthy eating habits. She uses her research and self-study to connect on nutrition and well-being. Soon she will have her very own cookbook to give others the opportunity to create their own healthy meals from her expertise.

There’s also Christyna Johnson, MS, RDN, LDN who is a dietitian nutritionist as well. She is an advocate for mental health who focuses on helping to build that healthy relationship with food and your body. Her experience working with people with eating disorders has further contributed to her passion. Intuitive eating is her motive.

One of my favorite Black wellness experts that focuses on nutrition is Dr. Lauren W. Powell, MD. She specializes in culinary medicine and strives to end generational mental issues specifically in the African American community. The advice she gives to others through social media and the production of her very own online cooking school has helped many. Her debut book, “Food Essentials for the Busy Professional,” has also been extremely useful. 

Fitness Experts

Fitness is vital to good physical health. There are many Black wellness experts that specialize in fitness. We have Kirsten Ferguson who is a fitness enthusiast and a certified run and cycling coach. Her mission focuses on enlightening others about being fit and having the discipline to stay fit through healthy habits. As a trainer with Peloton, Kirsten often incorporates affirmations into her workouts. You’ll finish her classes feeling faster and stronger!

Jeanette Jenkins is another Black Wellness expert when it comes to fitness. She has 29 years of training and health coaching experience. Many celebrities have trusted her with their fitness needs including Alicia Keys and Tracee Ellis Ross. Jeanette uses her social media platforms to post workouts that can be done from the comfort of your home using minimal to no equipment. 

Another Black fitness expert I would like to highlight is Lita Lewis. She’s a fitness and wellness coach and the owner of Thick Athletics which is an apparel line for activewear, fitness and workout clothes. She uses her knowledge and expertise to instill the importance of mental health and wellness in addition to physical health.

Yogis and Experts in Meditation 

Lastly, I want to highlight some of our Black wellness experts that concentrate on yoga/meditation. Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts is a yoga/meditation instructor for Peloton. Coupling traditional yoga practices with a wide range of musical genres, her classes are accessible to beginners and seasoned Yogis. She founded The Yoga, Literature, & Art Camp at Spelman College to aid teen girls in starting their peaceful journey. Her efforts have contributed greatly to her community. 

Koya Webb has made many successful efforts to support her community when it comes to yoga/meditation as well. She is a holistic health coach and a yoga instructor. Her priority is to empower people to live a healthier lifestyle while still living life on their own terms. Through social media, she hosts a podcast to bring awareness to holistic health and how to maintain it.

Black wellness expert Phyllicia Victoria Bonanno is a yoga instructor for SWEAT. She incorporates fitness into her yoga/meditation. Wellness is an important factor in her training. She also specializes in Sound Therapy for those that prefer a different form of yoga/meditation. 

Without these Black wellness experts, a lot of people would not have the guidance and the assistance they need to live a healthier life. Check out these experts on social media as you start or continue your wellness journey during Black History Month and throughout the year.  

LaTonya Williams

LaTonya Williams

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