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self care if necessary

Hello Friends!

Do you work inside and outside of the home as you maintain a jam-packed schedule?

Do you continuously pour into others while putting yourself on the back-burner?

I know society says you can do all things and you can sleep when you die. But I say it’s time for a change – it’s time for you to pause and renew yourself through practicing self-care.

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m LaTonya – Wife, Mom, Jesus Girl, Daughter, Friend, Sister, Manager, Dance Mom, Social Media Consultant, Volunteer, Champion of Diversity and Inclusion… and the list goes on!

I bet your list of descriptors is long too – maybe as long as a CVS receipt? Trying to manage it all can be overwhelming at times.

In 2019 I started to become really intentional about self-care and I’ve realized that self-care is a journey, not a destination. Even though I know it’s important to pause and take a moment for myself – I must admit – focusing on me has not been easy. It’s a continuous process of considering my needs and taking actions to maintain my wellness.

As I’ve worked on filling my cup, I’ve realized that many women around me are struggling with self-care too. During conversations with the women in my circles I realized that self-care isn’t always about the fun stuff like pampering and vacations.

Sometimes it’s about the hard stuff – creating a budget, healing old wounds, or seeing a physician. Self-care is much more than manicures and pedicures and I want to help women address their self-care holistically. My hope is that you’ll take time to renew yourself by practicing 5 types of self-care: spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional and social.

So will you join me? Let’s go on this self-care journey together – sharing tips and encouraging each other along the way!

Take Care,



I received a special gift today! My @myrenewbox was just what I needed and since I’m a gardener I LOVE my blooming, growing, and becoming pouch! The candle smells so good!


Do you have questions? I answer all my emails and owuld be happy to talk with you about your self-care and how Renew Box can help.

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