Renew Box

We Make It Simple For You To

Beat burnout and overwhelm with a seasonal delivery of self-care products.

the goodies inside a renew box

How Does It Work?



  • Select a Seasonal or Annual Plan
  • We ship your 1st box in 2-5 business days.


  • Fill your self-care cup as you enjoy 6-10 full size self-care goodies.
  • Choose from 20+ self-care activities and challenges in the Self-Care Planner.


  • Join other ladies on a self-care journey
  • Participate in challenges and help select future products

It’s time for YOU to take care of yourself.

What’s Inside?

Your Renew Box will include 6-10 products to help you experience 5 types of self-care: Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Social.

  • Thrilling creativity supplies
  • Trendy beauty products
  • Inspirational books and journals
  • Tasty snacks and treats

You all get access to a private online community for challenges, events, and encouragement.

two ladies hugging - my renew box

I received a special gift today! My @myrenewbox was just what I needed and since I’m a gardener I LOVE my blooming, growing, and becoming pouch! The candle smells so good!


It’s a pleasure to receive the Renew Box! All of the items created a holistic refreshing vibe. I got my sage candle burning now! What a wonderful box. I look forward to the fall amazing Renew Box.


I just got my Renew Box in the mail. That was quick! Everything is put together so nicely. And it smells amazing as soon as I opened the box.


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